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1New Site Under Construction Empty New Site Under Construction on June 30th 2013, 19:27



So, Caldera Weyr never really recovered after AcornRack died. I'm giving it a new soul with a brand-new RP idea. It's not Pern anymore and eventually I'll change the URL, but for now, it's easier to leave the URL as-is.

I've deactivated all the users except myself and the REC and removed everyone's ranks. If anyone wants to come back and join the new site with all-new charries and stuff, that's cool! Eventually, I'll delete the accounts that aren't active, but that won't be until the new site's been live and open for a while.

In the meantime...feel free to poke around. Probably won't be able to see much for a while, but hey. Also, feel free to ask questions in the cbox (yes, I know it's missing right now...working on that...).

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