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1Maps Empty Maps on July 7th 2013, 21:35



Maps and things about Reola.

Regional Maps

Phali Inland Sea, Northeast Region
Figure 1. Phali Inland Sea, Northeast Region

Reola Regional Map
Figure 2. Regional map of Reola

Town Map

Reola Town Map
Figure 1. Town map of Reola

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Building Blueprints

The Fair Oaks Inn Main Floor
Figure 1. The Fair Oaks Inn, main floor

The Fair Oaks Inn Upper Floor
Figure 2. The Fair Oaks Inn, upper floor

The Fair Oaks Inn Cellar
Figure 3. The Fair Oaks Inn, cellar

The Reola Spider Silk Farm
Figure 4. The Reola Spider Silk Farm

  1. Pinstock Shed: A pinstock is a wooden pole with a spiked end, resembling a very long-handled morning star. It is used to collect spiderweb by inserting the spiked end of the stick between the wooden slats and twirling it around.
    Pinstocks suitably laden with spiderweb are returned to this shed and placed in a trough containing a specially-formulated fluid. (The formula for this fluid is known only by Ulayah and he will not reveal it.) After about eight hours in the fluid, the web will have lost its sticky properties.
    This building will be filled with pinstocks which are either soaking, or drying out. Once dry, the pinstocks are taken to area B.
  2. Weaving Room: Here is where the silk is removed from the pinstocks, teased, and then woven into silken cloth on gigantic looms. During the daytime it is a bustle of activity and will contain 1-6 workers.
  3. Tailoring Room: Here, the woven silk is fashioned into garments. During the daytime there will be 1-6 workers here.
  4. Warehouse: Bolts of cloth and finished garments are stored here ready for sale.
  5. Sales Floor: This is where prospective purchasers are introduced to the spider farm’s range of products. During the daytime Ulayah will normally be here with 2-5 of his workers. The cash register is a locked iron box for which Ulayah has the only key.
  6. Well.
  7. Feed Store: The spiders are fed mostly on goats and sheep. This area will contain hanging carcasses ready to dump into the spider pit. There is a small chance (10%) of encountering a worker here.
  8. Feed Store.
  9. Stables: Ulayah’s horse and Heri’s pony are kept here. If the farm has any guests, their horses will also be stabled in this area.
  10. Ulayah's Room: Ulayah sleeps here. His accounting books are on the table, showing very limited profit.
  11. Heri's Room: Heri sleeps here. Her room is very “girly” and pink, heaped with lace and ruffles. She has several books lying around (romantic poetry, trashy novels featuring willowy heroines and their lovestruck swains, etc.).
  12. Living Room: This is where Ulayah and Heri go to relax. Important clients are also invited here. The room is a showcase of spider silk-related products, with everything imaginable being draped with cloth wherever possible.
  13. Female Dormitory: Ulayah's female workers sleep here.
  14. Male Dormitory: Ulayah's male workers sleep here.
  15. Dining Hall: Here is where the farm workers go to eat. It also doubles as a cooking area, and there will be 1-4 workers here during the day, probably spit roasting an animal for later consumption.
  16. Pantry: Food for the workers is stored here. The building is kept locked and only the cook and Ulayah have keys.
  17. Flask Storage: Flasks of products from dead large spiders are stored here.
  18. Dissection Area: Dead large spiders provide a number of useful products which are prepared in this area. At any given time, there is a 20% chance of a carcass being dissected by a worker in this area.
  19. Male privy.
  20. Female privy.

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