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1Businesses of Reola (WIP) Empty Businesses of Reola (WIP) on July 23rd 2013, 23:28



The Fair Oak Inn

The Inn is the center of social life for many of the inhabitants of Reola. Most everyone passes through every couple of days to catch up on the local rumors.

The establishment is co-owned by Lena Wyke and her brother Gerrit. Gerrit also doubles as the innkeeper.

As suggested by the name, there are rooms for let at the Inn as well as food and drink for locals and travelers alike. The common fare, which is cheaper, generally consists of a soup or stew with a dark bread and costs 3cp for a meal; the better fare includes a cut of meat, a side of veggies, and light bread and costs 5cp for a meal. All meals come with a mug of cool spring water, or diners can order a different beverage.

Non-alcoholic beverages include tea and fruit juice made from whatever fruit is in season, which cost 2cp for a mug. Light beer costs 3cp a mug. Hard cider and cheap wine cost 5cp a mug. Dark beer costs 1sp a mug; good wine is 15cp a mug; and mead is 2sp a mug. The other liquors are served by the (small) glass, about 1/6th the size of the mugs. Sherry costs 2cp a glass; brandy costs 3cp per glass; rum costs 6cp a glass; and whiskey costs 1sp a glass.

Reola Cooperage

Serq Channens runs the local cooperage. He's not a particularly imaginative man (as evidenced by the name of his cooperage), but he's good at what he does. Serq is a simple, honest man with little time for the idle or the lazy, but he is cheerful and respectful to those he thinks are working hard to better themselves.

Serq can often be found in the Fair Oak Inn after dusk, drinking dark beer and smoking his briar pipe. He is in love with Dynorah, but she has rejected his advances, believing him too common and cloddish for a lady of her refinement.

He offers decent quality goods at fair prices:
Leather knapsack2gpBasic tent6spPavillion tent25gp
Framed backpack3gpTallow candle1cpBeeswax candle5cp
Tentpegs and tarpaulin5gpBedroll5spGrappling hook5gp
Basic lantern3gpHooded lantern6gpBullseye lantern8gp
Saddlebags5gpDrawstring pouch5spCauldron and tripod3gp
50' of hemp rope2sp50' of silk rope5spSkillet2gp
Waterskin5spSack of charcoal2sp

Busy Bees

As the name suggests, Busy Bees is an apiary. It is run by Magdalene Colerre, a spinster in her 30s. She makes a reasonable living selling/trading honey to the community and to the Fair Oak Inn (to make mead), as well as the wax to Serq Channens (for making candles). The honey costs 1sp for a pot.

Black Axe Smithy

The local smithy is run by Irena Yar, a very competent smith who offers a variety of weapons and armor as well as the usual village blacksmithing services. She can sometimes be found in the Fair Oak Inn of an evening, drinking mead and swapping tall tales. She lives with her cat in an apartment over the smithy.

Softwood haft3cpHickory haft7cpAsh haft1sp
Belt hanging loop1spShoeing3spSpear
Sling5sp20 sling bullets5spJavelin5sp
Hammer5spSpare bowstring1gpHand axe1gp
12 arrows1gpDagger with sheath15sp12 arrows with quiver15sp
Flanged mace25spBaldric and scabbard3gpPadded gambeson3gp
Morningstar5gpSpiked mace5gpSmall helm12gp
Round shield12gpShort bow16gpStudded leather armor16gp
Longsword20gpScale mail hauberk50gpChain mail hauberk75gp

Milliners & Haberdashery

The Haberdashery is famous for its silks. Dynorah Snaid is a widow, but is now engaged to Ulayah Reyn, the owner/operator of the spider farm outside of town.

She lives alone in an apartment over her shop. Occasionally she will dine at the Fair Oak Inn, but she thinks of herself as far too refined to drink into the evening with the hoi polloi.

Gents' Clothing
Ladies' Clothing
Linen britches4spPlain linen gown3gp
Silk britches6spFancy linen gown8gp
Woolen britches2spEmbroidered silk gown15gp
Linen tunic5spApron2sp
Woolen tunic3spSilk shift1gp
Embroidered silk tunic2gpLinen dress3gp
Linen doublet2gpPlain woolen dress4sp
Generic Clothing
Woolen cape/shawl/cloak5spSilk-lined cape/shawl/cloak2gp
Cap1spLinen breechclout1sp

Reola Livestock

The proprietor of Melford Livestock, Reiner Vogg is a slovenly, ugly-looking centaur with a sarcastic attitude, and he is unpopular with the villagers. However, he knows his animals, and he cares for them well.

Reiner does not drink in the inn. He is a widower, though still in his mid-thirties, and lives in a small house near his corral with his daughter Savula. Savula is crippled, born with two club feet. She is also rather unattractive, favoring her father’s side of the family. However, she is an extremely intelligent and thoughtful child, and the High Priestess Maenae has already approached Reiner about making Savula a future sibyl.

Hunting dog15gpGuard dog20gpCow10gp

Vedanes' Cosmetics & Jewelry

Felona Vedane and her husband Tor run a neatly kept cosmetics and jewelry shop. They are relative newcomers to Reola, having lived here only since the last flood, and they still feel lonely and friendless. Tor and Felona sometimes eat in the Fair Oak Inn together. They live in a small flat over their shop.

Bar of soap1spCopper needle1cp10' thread1cp
Scented soap5spSilver needle1spSilver ring1gp
Horn comb5spWooden comb5cpBronze cloak pin/brooch5sp
Pair of bone dice3cpPair of silver earrings1gpSilver cloak pin/brooch15sp
Sheet of vellum1gpSheet of parchment5sp

Reola Constabulary

There are fifteen full-time constabularies (11 men, 4 women) in Reola, headed by Marieka.

Minion Excavating

Gru Nefar runs a mining and construction company called Minion Excavating. He's a popular employer with young male centaurs who want to impress the ladies, but either aren't old, strong, or skilled enough to be included in scouting and hunting parties. Gru himself was unable to go out scouting or hunting due to being crippled in a flood when he was a young. The business is still quite busy, since still many centaurs' homes have yet to be rebuilt after the recent flood.

Reyn Silks and Spider Farm

Ulayah Reyn is the farm’s owner. He is a 58-year-old centaur and immensely overweight. He is mainly concerned with business and very suspicious of people who approach his farm in armour or bearing weapons.

Ulayah has a massive prejudice against anyone who asks him about spider poisons. He will refuse to deal in poisons from his spiders or to give any information about the subject. If pressed about this, he will become hostile.

Heri Reyn, Ulayah’s daughter, is 24 years old and rather plump, although she’s nowhere near the size of her father. She’s desperately bored with life in a farm village, and she will be very interested to talk to visitors from elsewhere. She will listen to tales of adventure with wide eyes for hours on end.

There are 26 workers on the farm (a spider farm takes a lot of manpower). They are generally taciturn and will direct any inquiries to Ulayah, who handles visitors personally (he’s very sales-minded).

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