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A feat is a special feature that either gives your character a new capability or improves on s/he already has. Every 3rd level (3rd, 6th, 9th, etc.) a character gets to choose a new feat.

Some feats have prerequisites: an ability score, a class feature, another feat, a skill, a base attack bonus score, or another quality in order to choose that feat. If the prerequisite is lost, such as by the effect of a spell, the feat can't be used.


Some feats are general, meaning no special rules govern them as a group. Others are item creation feats which allow spellcasters to create magic items of all sorts. A metamagic feat lets a spellcaster prepare and cast a spell with greater effect, as if the spell were a higher ability than it actually is.

Fighter Bonus Feats

These feats are especially useful to fighter class characters; they can only choose from this list of feats unless they're multi-classing. Other classes can use these feats as well.

Blind Fight; Combat Expertise; Improved Disarm; Improved Feint; Improved Trip; Whirlwind Attack; Combat Reflexes; Dodge; Mobility; Spring Attack; Exotic Weapon Proficiency; Improved Critical; Improved Initiative; Improved Unarmed Strike; Improved Grapple; Deflect Arrows; Snatch Arrows; Stunning Fist; Mounted Combat; Mounted Archery; Ride-By Attack; Spirited Charge; Trample; Point Blank Shot; Far Shot; Precise Shot; Rapid Shot; Manyshot; Shoot on the Run; Improved Precise Shot; Power Attack; Cleave; Great Cleave; Improved Bull Rush; Improved Overrun; Improved Sunder; Quick Draw; Rapid Reload; Shield Proficiency; Improved Shield Bash; Two-Weapon Fighting; Two-Weapon Defense; Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Greater Two-Weapon Fighting; Weapon Finesse; Weapon Focus; Weapon Specialization; Greater Weapon Focus; Greater Weapon Specialization

Item Creation Feats

Spellcasters can use their personal power to create items, but it's extremely draining. An item creation feat lets a spellcaster create a magic item of a certain type.

Each item creation has certain requirements: XP cost represents the power and energy used to create an item (1/25 the gp cost of the item) and can only come from excess XP (can't reduce the character's level); raw materials worth 1/2 the gp cost of the item; a time cost to create the item. Each item has a base price that is increased by the caster level to create the item and the spell level imbued in the object.

Brew Potion; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Craft Rod; Craft Staff; Craft Wand; Craft Wondrous Item; Forge Ring; Scribe Scroll

Metamagic Feats

Metamagic feats expand the abilities of the original spell in some way or alters the casting requirements.

Empower Spell; Enlarge Spell; Extend Spell; Heighten Spell; Maximize Spell; Quicken Spell; Silent Spell; Still Spell; Widen Spell

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General Feats

Acrobatic +2 bonus on Jump and Tumble checks
Agile +2 bonus on Balance and Escape Artist check
Alertness +2 bonus on Listen and Spot checks
Animal Affinity +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks
Armor Proficiency (light) No armor check penalty on attack rolls when wearing light armor
Armor Proficiency (medium)Armor Proficiency (light)No armor check penalty on attack rolls when wearing medium armor
Armor Proficiency (heavy)Armor Proficiency (medium)No armor check penalty on attack rolls when wearing heavy armor
Athletic +2 bonus on Climb and Swim checks
Augment SummoningSpell Focus (conjuration)Summoned creatures gain +4 Str, +4 Con
Blind-fight Reroll miss chance for concealment
Combat Casting +4 bonus on Concentration checks for defensive casting
Combat ExpertiseInt 13Trade attack bonus for AC (max 5 points)
Improved DisarmCombat Expertise+4 bonus on disarm attempts; no attack of opportunity
Improved FeintCombat ExpertiseFeint in combat as a move action
Improved TripCombat Expertise+4 bonus on trip attempts; no attack of opportunity
Whirlwind AttackDex 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, BAB +4One melee attack against each opponent within reach
Combat Reflexes Additional attacks of opportunity
Deceitful +2 bonus on Disguise and Forgery checks
Deft Hands +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand and Use Rope checks
Diligent +2 bonus on Appraise and Decipher Script checks
DodgeDex 13+1 dodge bonus to AC against selected target
MobilityDodge+4 dodge bonus to AC against some attacks of opportunity
Spring AttackMobility, BAB +4Move before and after melee attack
Endurance +4 bonus on checks or saves to resist nonlethal damage
DiehardEnduranceRemain conscious at -1 to -9 HP
Eschew Materials Cast spells without material components
Exotic Weapon Proficiency1BAB +1No penalty on attacks with chosen exotic weapon
Extra Turning2Ability to turn or rebuke creaturesCan turn or rebuke 4 more times per day
Great Fortitude +2 bonus on Fort saves
Improved Counterspell Counterspell with spell of same school
Improved Critical1Proficiency with same weapon; BAB +8Double threat range of weapon
Improved Initiative +4 bonus on Initiative checks
Improved TurningAbility to turn or rebuke creatures+1 level for turning checks
Improved Unarmed Strike Considered armed even when unarmed
Improved GrappleDex 13, Improved Unarmed Strike+4 bonus on grapple checks; no attack of opportunity
Deflect ArrowsDex 13, Improved Unarmed StrikeDeflect one ranged attack per round
Snatch ArrowsDex 15, Deflect Arrows, Improved Unarmed StrikeCatch a deflected ranged attack
Stunning FistDex 13, Wis 13, Improved Unarmed Strike, BAB +8Stun an opponent with unarmed strike
Investigator +2 bonus on Gather Information and Search checks
Iron Will +2 on bonus Will saves
LeadershipCharacter level 6thAttract cohorts and followers
Lightning Reflexes +2 bonus on Reflex saves
Magical Aptitude +2 bonus on Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks
Martial Weapon Proficiency1 No penalty on attacks with a specific marial weapon
Mounted CombatRide 1 rankNegate hits on mount with Ride check
Mounted ArcheryMounted CombatHalf penalty for ranged attack while mounted
Ride-by AttackMounted CombatMove before and after a mounted charge
Spirited ChargeMounted Combat, Ride-by AttackDouble damage with Mounted Charge
TrampleMounted CombatTarget cannot avoid mounted overrun
Natural SpellWis 13, ability to use Wild ShapeCast spells while in wild shape
Negotiator +2 bonus
Nimble Fingers +2 bonus on Disable Device and Open Locks check
Persuasive +2 bonus on Bluff and Intimidate checks
Point Blank Shot +1 bonus on ranged attack and damage w/in 30ft.
Far ShotPoint Blank ShotIncrease range by 50% or 100%
Precise ShotPoint Blank ShotNo -4 penalty for shooting into melee
Rapid ShotDex 13, Point Blank ShotOne extra ranged attack each round
ManyshotDex 17, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, BAB +6Shoot two or more arrows simultaneously
Shoot on the RunDex 13, Dodge, Mobility, Point Blank Shot, BAB +4Move before and after ranged attack
Improved Precise ShotDex 19, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, BAB +11Ignore less than total cover/concealment on ranged attacks
Power AttackStr 13Trade attack bonus for damage (up to 5 points)
CleavePower AttackExtra melee attack after dropping target
Great CleaveCleave, Power Attack, BAB +4No limit to cleave attacks each round
Improved Bull RushPower Attack+4 bonus on bull rush attempts; no attack of opportunity
Improved OverrunPower Attack+4 bonus on overrun attempts; no attack of opportunity
Improved SunderPower Attack+4 bonus on sunder attempts; no attack of opportunity
Quick DrawBAB +1Draw weapon as free action
Rapid ReloadWeapon Proficiency with crossbowReload crossbow more quickly
Run Run at 5x normal speed; +4 bonus on Jump checks made after running start
Self-Sufficient +2 bonus on Heal and Survival checks
Shield Proficiency No armor check penalty on attack rolls
Improved Shield BashShield ProficiencyRetain shield bonus to AC when shield bashing
Tower Shield ProficiencyShield ProficiencyNo armor check penalty on attack rolls
Simple Weapon Proficiency No -4 penalty on attacks with simple weapons
Skill Focus1 +3 bonus on selected skill check
Spell Focus1 +1 on save DCs against specific school of magic
Greater Spell Focus1Spell Focus+1 on save DCs against specific school of magic (stacks on Spell Focus)
Spell Mastery1Wizard level 1stCan prepare some spells without spellbook
Spell Penetration +2 bonus on caster level checks to defeat spell resistance
Greater Spell PenetrationSpell Penetration+4 bonus to caster level checks to defeat spell resistance
Stealthy +2 on Hide and Move Silently checks
Toughness2 +3 HP
Track Use Survival skill to track
Two-Weapon FightingDex 15Reduce two-weapon fighting penalties by 2
Two-Weapon DefenseTwo-Weapon FightingOff-hand weapon grants +1 shield bonus to AC
Improved Two-Weapon FightingDex 17, Two-Weapon Fighting, BAB +6Gain second off-hand attack
Greater Two-Weapon FightingDex 19, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, BAB +11Gain third off-hand attack
Weapon Finesse1Proficiency with weapon, BAB +1Use Dex modifier instead of Str on attack rolls with light weapons
Weapon Focus1Proficiency with weapon, BAB +1+1 bonus on attack rolls with selected weapon
Weapon Specialization1Proficiency with weapon, Weapon Focus with weapon, fighter level 4th+2 bonus on damage rolls with selected weapon
Greater Weapon Focus1Proficiency with weapon, Weapon Focus with weapon, fighter level 8th+2 bonus on attack rolls with weapon
Greater Weapon Specialization1Proficiency with weapon, Greater Weapon Focus with weapon, Weapon Focus with weapon, Weapon Specialization with weapon, fighter level 12th+4 bonus on damage rolls with selected weapon
1 You can gain this feat multiple times; the effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new weapon, skill, school of magic, or selection of spells.
2 You can gain this feat multiple times; the effects do stack.

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Item Creation Feats

Item Creation FeatsPrerequisitesBenefit
Brew PotionCaster level 3rdCreate magic potions
Craft Magic Arms and ArmorCaster level 5thCreate magic weapons, armor, and shields
Craft RodCaster level 9thCreate magic rods
Craft StaffCaster level 12thCreate magic staffs
Craft WandCaster level 5thCreate magic wands
Craft Wondrous ItemCaster level 3rdCreate magic wondrous items
Forge RingCaster level 12thCreate magic rings
Scribe ScrollCaster level 1stCreate magic scrolls

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Metamagic Feats

Metamagic FeatBenefit
Empower SpellIncrease spell's variable, numeric effects by 50%
Enlarge SpellDouble spell's range
Extend SpellDouble spell's duration
Heighten SpellCast spells as higher level caster
Maximize SpellMaximize spell's variable, numeric effects
Quicken SpellCast spells as free action
Silent SpellCast spells without verbal component
Still SpellCast spells withou somatic components
Widen SpellDouble spell's area

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